Nate & Bonita

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We are grateful to Nurse Midwife Elaine Becker and her staff for providing outstanding service to us during the growth and welcoming of 4 of our 5 beautiful babies. One of the first things that impressed me when walking into the clinic was the high standard of cleanliness that left the impression I would receive utmost care. Read More

Elizabeth Wipf

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Life changing! Well…I might have to credit that to our two beautiful healthy girls Elaine and Brianna helped bring into this world! Our very first visit resulted in us finding out we had a miscarriage, the shock of the news was a lot to handle but Elaine was so kind and compassionate towards us.  When we found out i was expecting again a few months later it was nerve wrecking and exciting!! Again Elaine graciously answered any and all questions, and treated us with love and care as though we were actually people not just the next couple in line! Read More

Mae Cichelli

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My name is Mae Cichelli.  I live in Oakland, California with my husband and daughter, Apolena, who was born at the family birth center on January 9th, 2015.  In Oakland, I had a healthy pregnancy, but the poor care I received from my perinatal physician made me nervous about delivery.  I felt like just another number in a line of pregnant women on a conveyor belt where it seemed inevitable that I would be either induced with heavy drugs or receive a C-section.  Many of these fears were the result of feeling uncared for by my physician and many were statistically accurate as the rates of c-sections in California have greatly increased over the past decade.

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Wynter Larson

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I chose the Family Birth Center because it came highly recommended by a close friend of mine. The care I received with both of my babies far exceeded my expectations!  Throughout pregnancy every appointment felt like a visit with a friend. Brianna’s happy smile every time I walked in and her many reassuring and encouraging words. Elaine put all my motherly fears to ease and made me excited and confident about pregnancy and delivery. She is so good to answer all of my silly questions. They truly make me feel special!!! And along with the whole place feeling so very comfortable, it’s super CLEAN!! Which is huge to me!!

As long as I live I will never forget that moment when Elaine placed my first born  in my arms! The look on her face said it all, she loves each one of her “mothers” and their babies!!


Chris & Regina Marshall

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Wow! What a wonderful experience.  My husband and I fell in love with the Family Birth Center the moment we walked through the doors.  The atmosphere was homelike, relaxed, and peaceful.

My prenatal care with each of our five children was nothing short of fantastic.  Elaine, our midwife provided patient, knowledgeable, personal and informative care. The staff here took time answering our questions and concerns at every turn.  They took great care in knowing my medical history and was extremely thorough in providing to us all that was necessary to maintain a healthy pregnancy.  Each one of my appointments felt like a wholesome visit with my girlfriend and on more than one occasion my mom! Read More

April Grosse

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I was always frightened of the idea of child birth, to the point that after nine years of marriage people stopped asking me when my husband and I would be starting a family.   Then, one day, I met Elaine Becker at the birth center and all that changed. I was there in the waiting area, patiently waiting the arrival of my Nephew; and Elaine walked in and said, ‘Won’t be too much longer now.’  She was so calm and collected.  Once he was born, and mama and baby were doing fine, we came in and saw them both. I loved the home-like atmosphere.  Everything about it seemed perfect; and when I left, I told my husband, ” I think I could do that!” Read More