Birth is a unique and remarkable event. We provide loving support, grounded reassurance and professional clinical care throughout the entire labor & delivery process.

Once you start your labor we will be with you for the duration in whatever capacity you need. You and the baby will be monitored closely to ensure a smooth and safe delivery. During labor we offer a variety of  support and natural laboring techniques such as aromatherapy, birth ball, massage and the use of the labor tub.

We believe that partners, family, and friends play an integral role in your new family, whether its welcoming a first baby or fourth. We encourage active participation from your chosen support people.

You can expect to have:

  • Intermittant fetal monitoring by doppler
  • Congruent with the American Association of Birth Centers, continuous fetal monitoring is not practiced at the Family Birth Center
  • Support with pain relief management includes: freedom to move throughout labor, the option to use the jetted tub, music and aromatherapy, the availability to use a birth ball, the use of medications as desired.
  • Continual support by the staff is available to meet your needs.
  • Food or drink available at your request throughout labor. There are no restrictions to limit your needs.