Frequently Asked Questions

Is having a baby at the birth center safe?

Since all clients at the Family Birth Center are screened for risk factors, emergencies and transfers are rare events. We strive to be prepared for the unexpected by being fully equipped with oxygen, IV’s, medicines, and resuscitation equipment. Emergency transport services can be accessed, if needed, through the Great Falls Ambulance Service. Everyone at the Family Birth Center is trained in both CPR and NRP (Newborn Resuscitation). The NRP course is renewed every two years and is both a didactic and skills based program. It is offered through the American Heart Association and taught at the hospital and here at the birth center. Due to the escalating rate of surgical birth and use of anesthetic agents, out of hospital birth is now well recognized as the safest health care setting for childbirth.

How long will I stay at the birth center after my birth?

Everyone’s stay is based on their individual needs.  Before leaving, mothers and babies must demonstrate that they will do well at home (i.e. eating, breastfeeding, and other normal body functions needed in order to recover well).  A support system, prearranged during pregnancy, must be in place to receive the new family.  Our state license limits birth center stays to less than 24 hours after the delivery of the baby.

Are childbirth classes available at Family Birth Center?

We offer birthing classes that are uniquely geared towards the natural birthing process. The instructor is certified in childbirth education and is also an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant). Our classes are offered quarterly. Reserve your spot in the class by calling the office at 406-770- 3022.

Can I deliver a baby naturally if I have had a previous Cesarean section?

YES! We offer the option to do a vaginal birth after a c-section (VBAC) here at the Family Birth Center. Your prior operative report and history will be reviewed and your eligibility for a VBAC will be discussed. We are proud to offer this option for women. Please call to make a complimentary consultation appointment.