Choosing the Family Birth Center

The Family Birth Center is located in Great Falls, a healthcare destination for northcentral Montana. The center is a freestanding birth center independently owned and operated by Elaine Becker, CNM (certified nurse midwife).

The birth center is a cost effective alternative that beautifully combines the comfort of a homelike setting with the medical competence of an advance healthcare service. We view childbirth as a natural, normal process. Our goal is to provide each family with the childbirth experience they are seeking. Birth Centers are designed to meet the needs of low-risk pregnancies with high quality health care. Women are strongly encouraged to participate in choices and decisions throughout the pregnancy and delivery.

The Birth Center Difference

As part of our core value that childbirth is a natural process, we assure that mothers have:

-Continual contact with your newborn

-A good support system including your own birth assist

-An experienced midwife guiding your childbirth experience

-Indiviualized care in a quiet, private setting

-Minimal distractions of technology and medical interventions

-Alternatives for pain relief including large jetted bath tubs


A the Family Birth Center, LLC we believe that:

-Women have the right to seek care that is medically safe, fits their lifestyle, and recognizes and respects their individual physical, social, spiritual, psychological, and economic needs.

-Women and families have the right and responsibility to assume an active role in their own health care. Our care is provided by a team with the client as an equal team member.

-Childbirth is a normal, healthy process. Confidence in this normal process is promoted in all aspects of care. The care giver promotes childbirth as a normal process and recognized deviations from normal which may need to be addressed.

-Because the family is the cornerstone of our social structure, maternity care must support and promote family unity and development. Family members should be involved in the childbearing experience to whatever extent the family desires. “Family” in defined by the client.

-Education is an essential part of quality health care. With knowledge freely exchanged between our staff and clients, women and their families are able to assume shared responsibility for and make informed choices about their health care.